In our office, your appointment is a reserved time just for you. Your first cleaning appointment lasts about 1 hour. Depending on your last dental visit and cleaning, you may not be able to receive a cleaning. Typically if you have been seen within 2 years you may begin with the hygienist otherwise you will be seen Dr.Glasmeier first. You will meet our staff, see our highly trained and friendly hygienist and accessory personnel for your cleaning. Xrays may be taken based on your last dental visit or your most current xrays. If you have any xrays within 2 years, it is advised you acquire them so Dr.Glasmeier can review them with you. Dr.Glasmeier cannot appropriately diagnose without recent and sufficient xrays! Because your appointment time is reserved just for you, we respect your time and see you as close to your appointment time as possible. We make every attempt to see new patients within two weeks of your request for an appointment.

We pride ourselves on maintaining good communication with you to answer all your questions. Since your appointment time is reserved just for you, you'll have little to no wait and your appointment will never be rushed.

The total fee for a new patient appointment is usually between $120.00 and 220.00 . If you have dental insurance, it will usually cover 80% to 100% of this fee. Please inform our office of any recent exams, cleanings or xrays prior to appointment so we can verify that insurance will cover your services. We file all insurance claims at you at no cost.

Limited Exam: Usually $56.00. This includes evaluation of one area, diagnosis, treatment plan and any prescriptions needed. Multiple areas to be evaluated constitutes a comprehensive exam. An xray is often times needed to assist with diagnosis and is not included.

Comprehensive Exam: Usually $60.00. This includes diagnosis, tooth charting, periodontal probing, laser cavity detection, intraoral camera exam, cancer screening, soft tissue charting, treatment plan. Note that xrays are typically needed to provide the most accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Bitewing X-rays: 4 Bitewing x-rays are usually $48.00. Bitewing xrays that show the spaces between back teeth. They are used to detected cavities between the teeth (flossing cavities). These are typically taken every 6-12 months in our office as recommended by the American Dental Association.

Full Mouth Series of X-rays: $115.00. This is a total of 16 x-rays. It is a necessary procedure if you need deep cleanings (scaling and root planning), have many fillings, or if you desire cosmetic dental treatment. These are strongly recommended if you have never had a full set of x-rays taken or have not had a full set in the past 3 years. These x-rays are updated every 3 years as recommended by the American Dental Association.

Dental Cleaning: $70.00-182.00. The type of cleaning required depends on the amount of tartar and plaque (build-up) you have and your oral health condition (bleeding gums, for example). This is also determined by other risk factors such as tobacco use, diabetes, heart disease, pregnancy, etc. Periodontal disease(gum disease) often warrants several additional cleanings that requires multiple appointments.
Emergency Exam: If your first visit to our office is for an emergency, we will see you within 24 hours of your phone call. We usually can see you immediately. Our policy on emergencies is that if you feel it is an emergency, than we do too! If you are experiencing symptoms such as fever, difficulty breathing or swallowing or vision loss, it is recommended to go to the ER immediately.

We will provide you with:

  1. Limited, problem focused exam
  2. Necessary x-ray
  3. Diagnostic testing to determine what the problem is and where it is located
  4. Necessary instructions and prescriptions for medications

The price for this visit ranges from $80.00- 150.00 , depending on the when the appointment was scheduled and the assessment that is provided which includes one x-ray and is to be paid at the time of service. If you have insurance, we submit all insurance claims for you. After making the diagnosis, we will discuss the problem with you, provide information about the problem, and any necessary instructions and prescriptions for medications. Dr. Glasmeier's diagnosis will determine what will be done. Depending on this diagnosis, you may be brought back to receive necessary treatment and a comprehensive exam after the pain, infection or swelling have decreased. We follow this protocol in order to provide the greatest amount of comfort and safety to you when the necessary procedures are performed.

Treatment - We do not quote any other prices on the phone due to complexity. People ask why and it is simply due to not knowing what the patient needs. For example, if someone needs a filling and wants a quote, they would need to know what tooth #, how many surfaces(1-4), the materials(gold, resin, porcelain, silver), and whether additional medicine is needed with fillings(pulp calps, basers, liners). It is almost impossible to quote a fee until the patient has been appropriately evaluated.

Broken Appointments : Just a quick note. Because our office respects your time, we ask that you honor all appointments that you make in our office. An appointment is an agreement by us that we will be on time and ready for you when you arrive and also that you will be on time for your appointment. If you must change an appointment, we request a minimum of 48 hours notice . With adequate notice, we are able to help someone else during that time. Broken appointments with less than 48 hours notice may be subject to a $70 cancellation fee per hour reserved if we are unable to fill time we reserved for you. Broken appointments are unfair to other patients because someone else could have been helped during that time. Thank you for your kind understanding.

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